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Why have a Catholic Newspaper?

Pope Francis has said that Catholic newspapers can be a useful tool of evangelisation. In an address to representatives of nearly 200 Catholic newspapers, Pope Francis praised in particular the value, necessity and effectiveness of Catholic and diocesan newspapers, which he said require "a renewed commitment" from priests and the whole church community. Pope Francis said, it is a place where the life of a diocese can be "validly expressed" and where members of the church can "dialogue and communicate."

"There is an urgent need for news that is communicated with serenity, precision, completeness," clarity and thoughtfulness and in a way that favours "fruitful reflection" and reject samplifying a discussion that is strident, ambiguous and insinuating, he said. Pope Francis said, "For all these reasons it is, therefore, desirable that everyone's commitment to ensuring the existence and vitality of these periodicals is not lacking."

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About the Catholic Post

The Catholic Post is a new Catholic publication. It is the only National Catholic newspaper that is Carbon Neutral. It is published monthly and aims to bring news, information, faith and Catholic teaching to readers throughout the UK.

About Bellcourt Ltd

We have been a Catholic publishing company for 30 years. During that time we have served the Catholic community with 10 publications and around 3,000 editions of Catholic newspapers which is over 16,000,000 newspapers in total.

We are still leading the way by making our publications carbon neutral by using 100% recycled newspaper, 75% of the electricity comes from Solar Power, we are also part of Carbon Balanced Print Scheme which is certified by the Carbon Land Trust -

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